Voltage Support

Grid operators are required to maintain the grid voltage within specified limits. This usually requires management of reactive power (but also active power, e.g. in the LV grid), therefore also referred to as Volt/VAr support. Voltage support is especially valuable during peak load hours when distribution lines and transformers are the most stressed. An application of an energy storage system could be to serve as a source or sink of the reactive power. These energy storage systems could be placed strategically at central or distributed locations. 

Voltage support typically is a local issue at low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) level. The distributed placement of energy storage systems allows for voltage support near large loads within the grid. Voltage support can also be provided by operation of generators, loads, and other devices. A possible advantage of energy storage systems over these other systems is that energy storage systems are available to the grid even when not generating or demanding power.